French Maisons


Four years ago, when La Punta in Puerto Escondido was still completely unkown, Sara Jourdan saw a great future for this remote location and decided to start her own Guest House.

A few months later, Casa Leone, a lovely charming house 300m from the sea was up & running. Two years later, Casa Leone became a well-known location in La Punta operating at near full capacity all year long.

Through this great success and as demand is super high, Sara wanted to create another guesthouse Casa Ohma that was launched in May 2021. Sara’s ultimate goal is to use French Maisons to create a worldwide Guest House brand with guest houses in places that she believes should be seen by everyone.


French Maisons concept was born after working in Puerto Escondido as an interior designer for an hotel brand Selina, and the freedom that comes with exploring this remote part of the world. We set out to offer our guests a unique place to stay, unlike anything else in the area. French Maison is the perfect combination of remoteness and accessibility, community and privacy, sophisticated interiors and comfort. Only 500m from the beach and close from all the best restaurant in La punta. The guest can walk down to see the most beautiful sunset from the pacific cost.
French Maisons is built entirely with views in mind.  And story to tell in bringing decoration from local artisan but also from all around the world while traveling. The hope is to create a place that stands the test of time. 



All of our rooms at French Maison feature a modern and charming architecture, including private bathroom, wooden window and doors, artisanal decoration from Oaxaca and all the country where that the owner traveled. Each room comes with complimentary WIFI, air conditioning, bath towel and shampoo. With your choice of either one king or queen beds.
Our Coworking is a space in our house where people can work widely and focus on their days while being in holiday. 
For us it’s important to welcome our digital nomad in the best way ; having a coworking is a must that can not be taken. 


Butterflies rising.

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