French Maisons


french Maison Story

Sara Jourdan, born in Paris, passionate about travel, is a young interior designer who created French Maison, the leading guesthouse chain.
After working in New York, she joined the Selina hotel group in Latin America, she discovered the village of Puerto Escondido in Mexico, with which she fell head over heels in love while on a mission for them.
It was then that she decided to build her first project, La Casa Leone.
The project: A guest house, exclusive and well decorated.
Including common areas to connect, work or rest.
To do so, she buys an old abandoned house, and after a few months of renovation, in July 2019 this first house was born, combining charm and simplicity.
To decorate this place, she gives way to local crafts and travels the regions of Oaxaca and Mexico in search of strong pieces. Sara is also inspired by her many travels and we find here and there objects found around the world, especially in the souks of Jaffa in Israel.
The result ? A magical and still confidential place “the home of the barefoot experience”. A place where we reconnect with nature and where we once again take the time to experience and admire the beauty of nature as shaped by man.
After the success of this first project, French Maison is expanding and open Casa Ohma the second guest house opened in May 2021. 
With the ambition to open many more in the years to come.