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About Dao Retreat

Dao is a Chinese word signifying the “way”, “path”, “route”, “road” , is the natural order of the universe whose character one’s human intuition must discern in order to realize the potential for individual wisdom. This intuitive knowing of “life” cannot be grasped as a concept; it is known through actual living experience of one’s everyday being.

With the retreat I would like to allow people to deepen their knowledge and practice, whether they are a beginner or a regular practitioner.
Offer an experience full of meaning in a magical place, full of charm for full relaxation.A retreat is a human experience in its own right, a total immersion and a moment dedicated to reconnecting with oneself but also meeting with others.

Openness to others, to novelty, non-judgment, tolerance and benevolence are part of our values and we will always advocate them with great pride. It is for us essential that you also share them to enjoy the trip.

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Retreat : Reconnect to your heart's center

From 7 to 11 of October 2021

More information is coming